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Here are some of the pictures people are using to absolve George Zimmerman of his actions (the murder of an innocent 17-year-old young man). They’re saying “they only show you the nice photos, the pictures of him in a hoodie or smiling with his mommy and daddy. Media bias!! He was a total thug!!!”

He was a seventeen year old kid. And even if he was a so-called “thug,” I fail to see why that should condemn him to death before he even reached his 21st birthday. I fail to see how looking at these pictures in anyway detracts from the fact that he was killed for no reason. 

To actually suggest that throwing up your middle finger, smoking a blunt, or wearing grillz justifies your death is… disgusting. But this is what racism does. It takes away a person’s humanity, turns them into a pile of stereotypes rather than a complex, constantly evolving human being, and ultimately deems their life disposable. 


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